You're the One that I Want

You know what this has been, this journey that I've been on? Since day one, this whole thing was just a way for me to trust myself again. It was a way for me to learn how to rely on myself and to show myself that I would come through for me. Come hell or high water.

And you know what? I totally haven't been that for myself. I've let myself down more times than I can wrap my mind around. I've hidden behind the mountain of excuses that I've built so it would be easier for me to ignore the calls for help I was sending out.  

All I've ever needed was for me to take the empty seat that was front and center from the stage I was standing on and be my own support. To fill the room with applause once the curtain dropped. And for me to be proud of myself for the effort I put in, and for the important things I didn't leave undone. 

It's time to answer that call and to dive in wholeheartedly.