We Bought a Home

More like we bought a condo, but this little 780 square foot beauty is definitely our home.

We have a yellow vinyl pattern for our kitchen floor, and flower tiles surrounding our wood burning fireplace - one that I'll use like a daily routine once fall rolls back around. Not to mention that our chandelier came straight out of the 1990's, and that mud room? Wallpaper. Everywhere. There's something about it, though. Something that makes it so lovely because of how quirky it all is. 

Of all the places that Dylan and I have lived together, apartment living has definitely been my favorite. Sure, there are plenty of downsides if you look hard enough, but there's a sense of permanency that comes with living in a small space that I never really felt in the houses we lived in. There was always the opportunity to buy more stuff to fill the empty rooms, or to switch rooms because we had a second living area, or a third bedroom or what have you. All in due time. There's been talk of little ones (mostly by my mom, but we're starting to join that conversation) after we get married and of course, we'll need to upsize. We knew that was in our near future when we chose to buy small. But for the time being, all we have to worry about is one bedroom and one bathroom and one living space. We're so very excited to decorate these white walls with the memories we've made so far. 

And so, that's how it goes. You meet someone, you fall in love, you buy a condo and you start painting walls.

For us, anyway.