Sunset Lover

7 years ago, I sat in front of a blank notebook and asked myself the question: "Who do you want to be?" and then I spent so many years creating the person who ended up on those pieces of paper. But I forgot one important lesson I learned years ago: that if you zone in too far on anything for too long, the natural result is tunnel vision. 

Life throws curve balls. It throws cold water on shit and doesn't give a damn what flames are put out in it's wake. It forces you to give up things in a way that makes you wonder if they were ever yours to begin with. And the answer to that is that they weren't, and in some important way, I'm learning that nothing ever will be except for moments like these - moments where I look at blank pieces of paper and recreate who I want to be. Moments when I step back into the arena with a little more knowledge, a little more life lived, a little more courage and a lot more strength than I knew I had in me. Moments where I level certain things I built and I start over. 

"That's just how it goes, though - it comes together for some time, and then it falls apart, just to come back together again."