Love, Twu Love

There are a few legends that surround Valentine's Day, but my favorite rendition is that Saint Valentine defied Emperor Claudius II and performed secret marriages for young lovers, despite the decree that single men would make better soldiers for his army. When Valentine's treason was discovered, it's said that he was put to death on February the 14th. 

Photo Credit: The Colagrossis

You taught me that, babe. That, and a thousand other random tidbits I never knew about. I love that about you. I also love that the sound of your laughter is the only thing I hear in a room full of voices, and that the faint lines around your eyes show just how often you smile. And I love that I'll see those faint lines turn into full blown wrinkles - wrinkles that will eventually tell our life story.  I love how every morning I find myself curious about which documentary will be running in the background from the night before, your unmistakable footprint of boxes and wrappers still sitting on the living room table.

I love your authenticity and kindness along with your bad moods and sorry speeches. Thank you for doing life with me, Mumm - in all it's messy, beautiful glory.

And thank you for doing the dishes. 

I love you.