A Toast, To You and I

Seven days from today, the little town of Allenspark will be buzzing with excitement as the event we've been planning for over a year starts into motion. One of the guys will straighten Dylan's tie before he walks out the door, and I'll add extra bobby pins in my hair on my way out, just in case. 

But even more than that, we will walk towards each other as completely different people than who we were when he asked me to be his wife.

Planning our wedding completely changed our lives. We learned so much more about each other, our families, and our friends during this process than we evercould have known we would have. The stress was so unexpected in the ways we experienced it, and the details... there were so many details. And I'm so grateful for all of it because that's exactly what changed us. This year highlighted cracks in the foundations of our personal lives and our life together, and without that, our relationship may never have been as strong as it is in this very moment. 

Seven days from today, Dylan and I will celebrate the journey we've been on for the last five years, in a room filled with incredible amounts of love. We will toast to our vows and dance in honor of the years we have ahead of us. And when the night comes to an end and we find ourselves tangled up in bed sheets, my hope for us is that we never forget how happy we were in the days before we got married.

Because  baby, I am so happy with you.